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Chris Mann + Findery = Behind-the-Scenes Stories for Fans Around the World

by on May 23, 2016

Chris Mann Twitter Chat

We’re beyond proud to be the place that Chris Mann chooses to share his tour travel stories and photos with his fans. Chris has been chronicling his travels on Findery since 2012 and has shared almost 200 notes written in over 60 places. We are some of his biggest fans, and not just because he loves us too!

This week we had a chance to have a little sit down with Chris to ask him a few questions about his new album (squee!) and his biggest fans. Ready to see what he had to say? Read on!

What is it that drew you to use Findery?

I have had an incredibly loyal fan base who have followed me since I toured with Idina Menzel and India.Arie, through the ups the downs with labels, my time on #TeamXtina on The Voice and now as I play The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera U.S. Tour! What drew me to Findery was the ability to quickly create Notes on the fly using my phone.

My fans know that I have a quirky sense of humour, so it’s fun to share these places with them as well. And there are so many cool things to share behind the curtain at these theaters I am so lucky to perform in every night and I love to share these with my fans.


We know you love connecting with your fans, what do you like best about using Findery as a communication tool?

I’ve always tried to share as much behind-the-scenes insider scoop with my fans. As I crisscross the country with Phantom, and on my tours, I often run into lots of funny or cool landmarks, local oddities, donut shops, and coffee houses.

It’s fun to be able to share my experiences with the fans who have supported me since the beginning and continue to make this amazing ride possible. It’s only fair that I share as much of this experience with them and Findery makes that easy and fun.


How have you found that Findery helps you stay connected with your fans and friends while you are on the road?

It can be tough to be on the road so much, but social tools like Findery help me stay connected with fans, family and friends. It’s also cool to see my pins laid out on the map, reminding me of where I’ve been and some of the cool fans and celebrities I’ve been able to meet.

It’s been fun to give, both MANNfans and PhantomPham, a peek behind the scenes of the biggest touring Broadway productions in the country! But I also think of Findery as my scrapbook, where I can organize and share my life on the road with my fans, family and friends. Findery makes it easier to feel like we are all in this adventure together.


Of all the notemaps (or notes)  you’ve created, which is your absolute favorite?

Touring with Phantom, has been a dream come true. So, I’d have to say my Phantom Tour notemap is my favorite. That notemap also includes one of my favorite notes —a Phantom battle with the hilarious, James Corden.

And I love meeting fans on my own tours, as well as the Phantom tour, so the Selfies With Chris Mann notemap is another favorite! I especially love meeting my Mini MANNfans—it’s great to see so many kids at Phantom wearing their masks!


Tell us about your new album, Constellation.

I’m incredibly proud of this new album. “Constellation” features twelve original songs co-written by myself and some of the best songwriters in the business. Each song is a special piece of me written over the past 10 years. To me, they are all shining stars–my constellation.

Some of the amazing co-writers I was able to co-write with include Justin Tranter, dubbed “the hottest songwriter in pop music” by the New York Times for his string of chart-topping smashes (“Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Good For You” by Selena Gomez).  

Together, Justin, myself and Felix Snow wrote the lead single, “Echo”–an epic, energetic anthem declaring that “in the end we are mirrors searching for a reflection…you are my voice, I am your echo.


We love the track, “Comeback.” What does it mean to you?

Thank you! For me, “Comeback,” is what I call the feel-good track of the album. I just released the video and it has quickly garnered buzz on social media. Basically it tells the story of underdog determination and perseverance straight from the pages of my  life.

I’ve had so many ups and downs in the music business–doubters, naysayers, in and out of labels. But this album and this song are my way of fighting on and taking life, and my music, by the horns.

“Comeback” was co-written with Amy Foster (“Just Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble) and Who Is Fancy? (“Boys Like You feat. Meghan Trainor & Ariana Grande”)–it’s an infectious torch song that will have listeners singing with the choir, “don’t you know what a comeback looks like?!”


When did you have time to record an album while on tour with Phantom of the Opera?

This album was a labor of love. It was a lot to take on, especially while still performing as The Phantom every night, but so worth it. I recorded the album during the Phantom of the Opera run at the beautiful Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I would record during the day, then head to the Pantages to perform as Phantom at night.

But the payoff has been seeing such a positive reception for the album from fans, who helped fund the making of the album, and to see it debut at #15 on iTunes, #1 on Amazon Vocalist chart and appear on 10 Billboard Charts after its first week!  The response to the album has been so humbling and the chart exposure has really amazing as an indie artist. My army of MANNfans continue to amaze me!


Want to chat with Chris Mann?

Join us on Twitter Tuesday, May 24th at 11am PST / 2pm EST, to chat about his new album “Constellation.” Now that it has launched Chris is excited to spend some time with his fans and he could think of no better way than in a LIVE Twitter chat moderated by the Findery team!

Want to ask Chris question about Constellation, his new music video for Comeback or anything Phantom? Of course you do! Post your question in the comment section of this note. We will be moderating the discussion with questions from the fans — so get your questions in!

No need to RSVP or do anything special, just be sure to follow @Findery and @IamChrisMann on Twitter jump on Twitter on May 24th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern and do a search for #FinderyMannChat. Then, simply join the conversation, being careful to include the hashtag #FinderyMannChat in all of your tweets!

Chris Mann is currently starring as The Phantom, in Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s phenomenal musical success new production of The Phantom of the Opera through October 2016. His current album, Constellation, is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music and

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