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YumUmami and noticing through drawing

by on March 28, 2016

Being present to the world, looking, noticing, seeing what is around you is a big part of Findery. As you travel through the world, whether in your daily life, or on a voyage, being present to the world around you and free from your preoccupations–the text messages, emails, chats and to-do lists of daily life–is one of the great blessings an open mind and heart will give you. So what is the best way to observe and notice? Many of us take photographs, which, if you practice photography, hones your eye. But one of our favorite contributors, YumUmami, takes it one step further, by bringing his paints and paper with him everywhere, and noticing the beautiful, curious and unusual things around his neighborhood. Here is one of his paintings of Rowe’s Wharf “rainy streets, giant blue flag”:


One of the joys of Findery is traveling alongside others, visiting with the locals, seeing what they see and what they notice.

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