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A Winter’s Tale in Photos

by on December 18, 2015

From un-seasonally cold icy mornings in unexpected parts of the world, to balmy December mornings in places that are usually covered in snow by now, it feels a bit like the seasons have gone all topsy turvy around the world. But, bizarre temperatures notwithstanding, according to the calendar, winter is just around the corner and is making itself known all around the Northern Hemisphere. Take a look at some of our favorite wintery notes as we all gear up for the season.

In Norway they’re building ice hotels

If the Philadelphians ever get tired of wearing shorts in December, they could just pop over the ocean and enjoy a fun, but rather chilly stay at this place. The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is located in Alta, Norway and is entirely built using local materials – aka ice and snow.

Ice hotel

In Russia the ice marvels build themselves

This glorious display of what winter has to offer occur entirely naturally on Lake Baikal, located in the southern part of eastern Siberia in Russia. It’s definitely something that deserves a place on everyone’s travel bucket-list.


In California, you do what you have to do

Winter? Cold? Nothing keeps a true Californian from a sandy beach. Though sometimes you do have to trade in your swimsuit for something a little more climate appropriate. The question is, do you then have to call them sand boots?

boots in the snow

Thank goodness the Colorado snow never disappoints

This state knows a thing or two about embracing the snow and relaxing and warming up after. They should, they spend quite a bit of the winter covered in their cold white blanket. It’s an amazing destination if you’re looking for a bit of a white winter!


How about enjoying winter in a place called Glacier Park

Montana isn’t just known for its horses. It’s also the home for this glittering gem of a destination. It’s not a warm place to visit, but it’ll warm your soul with its beauty.

Glacier Park

Even in the rain, New York is magical in December

Just because the snow is taking its sweet time in arriving in some parts of the world, the moisture sure isn’t late to the game. New York is perfect no matter what’s coming down from the sky, and really, umbrellas just make it better. Right?

New York Rain

And then there’s Australia

As we’re dusting off our mittens and looking for some ways to de-ice windshields, our friends down-under are shaking the creases out of their bathing suits and getting ready to throw some shrimp on the barbie for their Christmas dinners.

They’ll get to enjoy their winter in just a few months. We think they’ll be ok waiting.

Australia winter

Looking for more signs of winter? We’ve got you covered! Check out this notemap for some gorgeous winter notes or this Flipboard magazine.

What does winter look like near you this year?

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