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October spooked us and wowed us!

by on October 31, 2015

Halloween, Octoberfest, Dia de Muertos… October is basically one long celebration, or rather, one long lead up to an incredible explosive month-end. The colors, the magical transformation, the endless fun, we can’t quite get enough of it here at Findery.

Take a look at all the magic our users have doled out.

Day of the Dead, Celebrating in Mexico

Day of the dead

Mexico doesn’t mess around when it comes to one of their brightest and most out-there annual events. The Day of the Dead is a massive celebration that offers endless photo and story opportunities!

Disney…It’s not so scary?

Disney...It’s not so scary?

Even Disney gets in on the Halloween fun, with dedicated decorations, parades, and transformed rides. Haunted House ride anyone? Extra spooky in October!

Ghost Stories of the Southern Plains…Read if you dare…

Ghost Stories of the Southern Plains...Read if you dare...

What’s October without some great stories? Ghost stories to be specific. The season, with its cooler weather, darker nights, and eerie decorations, just calls for them!

The Real Life Sleepy Hollow

The Real Life Sleepy Hollow

Stories not enough to spook you and make your blood run cold? How about if you were to hear them in the real life Sleepy Hollow? Just keep an eye out for that headless guy; he’s not someone you want to bump into in the dark of night.

Follow fall, wherever it takes you

Follow fall, wherever it takes you

And if horror stories and creepy costumes just don’t do it for you, leave them behind and see where else the fall takes you. May your paths be colorful and inspiring wherever they may lead.

Come share your adventures and discoveries on Findery.

We can’t wait to see where November takes you.

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