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Ode to August…The world is a beautiful place!

by on September 1, 2015

Beach Love

There’s just something magical about August. It’s home to the dog days of summer, the hot lazy ones when the days seem to slow down to a crawl, inviting everyone to just sit back, relax, and let the heat wash over you. And where better to do that than on a beach in Hawaii, in sunny SoCal, or even in heat drenched quirky Austin, TX?

But Findery users aren’t the kind of people who simply sit back and let the world move around them. No matter how hot or lazy the summer gets, they’re still out there, exploring the world and discovering new things to share with friends. One user explored the Champagne houses of France for us. Another scoured San Francisco to find the best non-touristy spots to recommend. And yet another took us on an unexpected visit to the little-known Dinaric Alps.

In the northern hemisphere, summer is starting to wind down. Kids are donning backpacks and heading back to school. Suitcases are being stowed away until the next crop of vacation days bloom. But here at Findery, travel never stops. Without ever leaving home you can travel to Thailand, the Bahamas, or come with us to explore hidden gems around the world. Whatever family travel dreams or outdoors adventures you might harbor, you can start planning them with us. And when you’re ready to jet off, we’ll be here waiting to hear your stories!

Feeling inspired? Start collecting your notes in notemaps and easily create a map of the places you’ve been, the places you dream of visiting, your favorite Finds, or even discoveries around your town!

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