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Wandering Through June

by on July 15, 2015

Balloons over Lithuania


The change in season, be it from spring to summer or fall to winter, has seriously brought out a desire for adventure and travel in the Findery crowd.

Not that it’s a surprise. Findery users are no strangers to wanderlust and are quick to give in to their desire to explore the world, even when they can’t leave home!

So we traveled. We explored Italy, Thailand, Greece, India, Turkey, and more with @275Days, retracing his family’s steps along their year long journey around the world. We went to Vietnam with @hollynyny, Iceland with @TripCreator, and traveled around California with @travelfluential.

Also, this month, we honored our never ending love for donuts (a time honored Findery HQ tradition) on National Donut Day. We discovered that one of our users, @thebicyclingbunny, has an awe inspiring passion for Little Free Libraries in or around Los Angeles, though we’re pretty sure she’d love them wherever she was. And of course we celebrated dads, because they’re awesome, especially the dads of Findery users. Last, but definitely not least, we sang about a momentous Supreme Court Decision with the help of @ChrisMannMusic.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg for June. Hop over to the site and dig in for yourself! You’ll discover astounding beauty. Mouth watering photos. And new Findery users to follow who simply can’t wait to take you along on their adventures.

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