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I Want to Go Here: 3 Easy Ways to Make Notemaps

by on May 13, 2015

St Kitts

It’s May. Up here in the Northern Hemisphere we can’t think about anything but summer. Cookouts. Warm days that never end. Travel. Travel. Travel. Drinking our drinks out of coconuts. Mosqui…nope, not that. Suntans and the whiff of blossoms on the breeze. Ah, we can’t wait!

From lazy beach days and snorkeling in coral reefs to weekend road trips and wow wow wow exotic getaways…We are ready for glorious, glorious, glorious summer!

If you’re not sure where to go first, let Findery be your guide. We’ll take you to waterfalls in Maui or national parks across the US. Are palm trees calling to you? Costa Rica or Bali…we can make that work too! Plan your next trip, make a notemap.

It’s easy to get started. We’ve already created an “I Want to Go Here” notemap for you! Add notes to it these three ways:

1) Search. Imagine a place you’ve always wanted to visit and search for it on Findery. Add any notes that speak to you to your “I Want To Go Here” notemap. You can also create a new custom notemap for your dream getaway.

2) Browse. When you see a note in your recent activity feed that interests you, add it to your “I Want To Go Here” notemap or any custom notemap, and let your planning begin!

3) Create. Add a photo and write your own notes about places you’ve already been or places you’d like to see! When you’re done writing a note, it’s easy to add it to a notemap.

The most important part of travel planning is the dreaming. Later, pinching yourself when you finally get there. Am I really here? Am I really here?! Go, go, go! Bon Voyage!

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