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Watch out for Findery!

by on April 15, 2015

Findery is coming soon to a wrist near you. Now available on AppleWatch! If your order is already in, or if you’re borrowing your aunt’s watch–Findery will be there. Apple even honored us by featuring us in their advertising. See that lantern in the middle? We were so proud.


The Apple Watch is made for Findery. As you travel around the world–be it Silicon Valley, Taiwan or Paris, Findery will notify you of when something intriguing or fascinating is near you. What’s your interest: Art & Culture, Architecture, Food & Drink, History, Local Knowledge? It’s waiting for your glance. We’ve always conceived of Findery as personal and mobile, and the Apple Watch is its natural home.

If you’re still waiting for your watch, come find Findery on Flipboard,Huffington Post, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Android –and of course,

Wherever you find us, we look forward to finding your notes!

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