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Tiny Slivers of Awe

by on March 17, 2015


Every once and awhile a note gets left on Findery that makes us all feel lucky. Lucky to be a part of Findery, lucky to have travel experiences and a community of adventurers to share them with. A few days ago, Stefanie Payne left one of those notes. She forecasted luck with a note that started like this:

So, I’m sitting on top of the largest King penguin colony in the world and in comes this rainbow… It was one of those “whoa, pinch me, is this for real or am I truly losing it?” moments in my life.

We have all had those moments. Honestly, I don’t think most are THIS amazing, but we have time!

I gave a lot of thought to social sharing, and to sharing in general, that day and it occurred to me that @findery is the very best place for where to share these tiny slivers of awe that occur in life, because Findery is full of “whoa, [call to action],

, [suggest alternative possibilities to reality.!?] moments in life.

On St. Patrick’s Day, in between sips of green beverages, chasing rainbows, and leprechaun traps, leave a note about a place that made you feel lucky. We could all use a tiny sliver of awe.

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