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An Iberian Adventure in Portugal and Spain

by on December 4, 2014

One week ago, I was taking part in a luxury tour with Insight Vacations, to check out the sights from Lisbon, Portugal to Seville, Spain.

This Iberian adventure would have me falling in love with the colors of Lisbon and the food and people I met along the way. The grittiness of Lisbon is contrasted by the beauty of its history. The cultures that have influenced it still visible in its architecture and present in its food. The people reminded me of my own Latin heritage, with our vocal, often loud mannerisms, yet helpful and friendly demeanor.


I shared my journey through Lisbon in my Findery notemap, Touring Lisbon, the most memorable of my journey being my afternoon in Santa Luzia and the colorful roof tops of the same and taking the tram over the many hills of this magical city.

But as much as I loved Lisbon, it would be Seville that would steal my heart completely. This cosmopolitan city is full of life and energy, beauty and culture. It’s many flowers and orange trees, even in the height of the fall season, highlight the colors and scents of the streets.


A night of Flamenco is a compliment to any Spanish experience, but especially so in Sevilla and a walk through the nearby Cordoba is like a walk back in time.

There is so much to see, taste, do, and explore, each city unique and beautiful in its own way, its people warm and welcoming. I enjoyed it most off-season, though the weather was a bit chilly and rain. It was nothing a good glass of sangria couldn’t fix!


Carol Cain is a travel writer. Check out her blog Girl Gone Travel. And follow her on Findery: @GirlGoneTravel.

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