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Three Great Notemaps: Spite, Delight & Nostalgia

by on November 7, 2014


I was staring at the three notemaps I’d chosen trying to figure out a theme, and all I could could come up with was that there’s a little bit of myself reflected in each of these. So I guess the theme here is narcissism, and I’m just going to embrace that.

Spite Houses by staycurious

I’d never known about “spite houses” until I came across them on Findery, and now I kind of can’t get over them. I mean, it’s difficult enough to build or maintain a house, you know? It takes a fair amount of planning, money and patience. But to build one (or resist tearing one down) out of spite? Incredible. Does the spite help? Is it like fuel? Does it last all the way through to the completion of the house or the demise of the owner? Is a spite house a spite house forever? So many things to consider! I’m not generally a spiteful person, but I can appreciate a juicy irrational obsession, so I’m a big fan of this notemap.

Travel Surprises by chicagoing

This notemap represents my absolute favorite thing about traveling: finding the unexpected. Both good and bad, big and small. I love all the misadventures on this notemap, but I can totally picture myself in a “Snookum Bear” situation.

Brat Pack America by smokler

This one hits me in two spots. I’m a softie for John Hughes’ movies, and my wife and I lived in Chicago for over a decade, so I actually recognize some of these locations. I’ve also got to admire Smokler’s dedication here—this notemap has 50 notes! (And they’re all great.)

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