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Hackthon at Findery

by on November 5, 2014

On Thursday and Friday last week, the Findery team had a Hackathon, which, for the uninitiated, means that team members work on projects not in the usual scope of their work for about 24 hours. We started at 10AM on Thursday and presented what we’d built at noon on Friday. Amazing things were made, some of them ongoing projects we’ve been hacking on for a while, and many new ones. We worked on:

  • Public API, which has been under development for a while, but has made tremendous progress in this iteration
  • Trip Planner V1 (Android), in which a user enters a start and finish for a road trip, say from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, and highlighting the best routes along the way
  • Trip Planner V2 (Web)Same as the above, except for the web
  • Quick Capture, in which photos and audio are captured and translated into Findery note instantaneously
  • Findery AR, an Augmented Reality view of notes, which you can swish around and see the stories on the places in your immediate vicity, AR style
  • Collaborative Notemaps, that is, making it possible for a notemap to have many authors

unnamed unnamed-1

A screenshot of the Collaborative Notemaps and AR version for now, more coming. And be sure to let us know if you have any amazing ideas of things we should build at our next Hackathon, coming in December.

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