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3 Great Notemaps: Hooked on Findery

by on October 31, 2014


Findery has me utterly hooked. One of the things I enjoy most is seeing people find new and fun ways to use it. My favourite notemaps are those that surprise me with new ways of collecting ideas and places, like these ones…

My Trip Around the World, Book Four
Such an ingenious collection of notes! @gregapan bought a girl’s travel diary from 1926 at an estate sale, and is sharing it with us an entry at a time. I love the way it reveals that while a lot has changed about travel since then, so much remains the same: the little disappointments when things don’t quite go to plan; the day-to-day chores that still have to be done; the comfort of having your loved ones with you; the delight in the unexpected.

We all know that smell is such an important part of memory – we’ve all caught a scent on the breeze and been immediately transported to our past. @Samilsman has put her life’s significant smells on the map, and it’s a delight to read them.

Names on the Land
@ministerofculture is fascinated with the origins of place names, and it’s infectious. Every time I go back to this notemap, I get sucked down a rabbit hole of history. There are some great Aussie spots here – places I’ve visited many times – and now I know how they got their names!

Kate Andrews leaves fascinating notes all around the world, but she calls Sydney, Australia home. With 1444 Findery notes, we can safely say that she is as much a Findery fan as Findery is a Kate Andrews fan.

Follow her on Findery: @keandrews

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