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3 Great Notemaps: Travel Inspiration

by on October 23, 2014


I love Findery as source of daydreamy travel inspiration and my favourite discoveries have been the smallest details from places around the world that show little slices of regular, everyday life: a family wearing Kurdish clothes, the view of rainclouds from a bridge in Lagos, the snails spotted on a walk in Liverpool … I learn so much from you all!

In that vein, here are three of the many favourite notemaps that capture random, delightful moments around the world:

Listen In: Japan by Greg Friedman | @gregapan – Delightful sounds of every day life in Japan: here is the sweet potato vendor’s call, here is the friendly security guard’s morning greetings to office workers, here is the grocery store checkout clerk.

Saltillo by Oscar Falcon | @oscarfalcon – Our guide shows us many snapshots of daily life in the state capital of Coahuila, Mexico: what the sky looks on a foggy morning, a beautiful mosaic frog fountain, and even the highway crews hard at work painting the road.

Pemilu 2014 by Caroline Zenia Ivana | @caroline_z – Fascinating to read Caroline’s first-hand perspectives and emotions during the election in Indonesia.

Jennifer Jamieson is a Canadian expat, who recently lived in Dubai, but now lives and works in London, England. She is one of Findery’s oldest contributing members.

Follow her on Findery: @ECWC

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