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3 Great Notemaps: Light Sources

by on October 16, 2014

Lately I am finding that whether I’m designing a graphic at work, taking a photograph to post on Instagram, or doodling a sketch, the viewer is increasingly drawn to one thing: a source of light. And, I too, am finding myself gravitating to light sources in all places. And most recently, on Findery.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen


Neon Signs by @OnTheRoad
The entire point of neon lights on a storefront is to get your attention. The broader purpose is to pull you in. We can all agree though that their 21st century beauty is based largely the sense of history that they provide. After all, modern neon is sort of an oxymoron. Whether lighting the sky with fluorescent light or dressing a quiet sidewalk with a throwback to a different way of marketing, the design and function of neon tubes are a story in and of themselves. And I am always fascinated.

As a designer, this notemap reminds me to consider longevity when I am designing anything.

Sunsets Sunrises and Moons by @Jessica
If there is a sunset, a sunrise, a moon or a supermoon, a bright star, a milky way or a galaxy, an Earth shot of the space station or a meteor shower, or if there is any other cosmic wonder remotely in my vicinity, you can bet that I am finding a way to photograph (or gaze at) it. I work in human space exploration, so this is kind of always on my mind already.

…but never recreated exactly is our sky – like snowflakes, or line drawings, or sand castles – each moment beyond Earth’s horizon is totally unique.

This collection reminds me not to be greedy and not to squander the wonder of our skies and galaxies, always visible from Earth. And when the sky is really special, I don’t even bother with a camera, I just watch.

Lighthouses by @parksandrec
What I love about this notemap and lighthouses in general is that they have one purpose and that is to provide light to sea vessels trying to venture safely to shore. Yet on land, we photograph them incessantly giving off no light at all. We capture them and their beautiful construction in the daytime and at dusk, with a sunset behind or cast down upon them, but so rare it is to capture a lighthouse in its intended state: giving off light.

This collection reminds me that while a lighthouse is a truly beautiful construction in its basic form, a lighthouse providing light into the seas is miraculous. And so now, I shall look for that.

Stefanie is a writer, traveler, and photographer based in Washington, DC. Also: she’s a professional outer space geek.

Follow her on Findery: @stefanie

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