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3 Great Notemaps: Living Vicariously

by on September 29, 2014

Image: Mountain Goats on Mt. Edwards

Almost all of us grow up and get a job. Not as many of us grow up and get 11 of them. Yes. That’s the number of real, full-time, benefits-providing jobs that I have had and quit since graduating from college 14 years ago.

It will surprise no one that I finally decided to be a freelance writer, a career that by definition means you have at least eight jobs at once. Here are three notemaps that I love because they allow me to live vicariously and explore careers that might have been: designer, vet and puka shell salesperson.

It’s a Sign
As a kid, I loved letters. I would regularly try to copy cool fonts (though I didn’t know that word) from my dad’s Communication Arts magazines and write the alphabet using all-cap bubble letters or letters with dots on the ends or what have you. While I never became a designer, I still love fonts, especially on signs. My neighborhood is home to my favorite endangered sign: For Me & Ladie.

I adore the Goatmap! I loved animals when I was a kid and thought I’d like to be a vet or a dolphin trainer. I didn’t know about the sciencey parts of these careers. This map appeals to the part of me that still wants to believe that vets just hang out and pet animals all day (which is kind of what I do some days as a freelancer, if we’re being honest).

If it’s a beach, I love it. When I am frustrated with work or life, I threaten to run away to live on a beach and set up a stand selling puka shell necklaces. The reality is that I would probably hate talking to tourists all day—and if I wanted to make a living, I would probably have to learn to write a name on a grain of rice, too. I am not interested in that.


Libby Lowe lives in Chicago—which does have beaches! She is living the dream as a freelance writer and Great Dane owner. When she’s not writing, she’s traveling, doing yoga or watching bad TV.

Follow her on Findery: @Chicagoing

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