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3 Great Notemaps: I Love L.A.

by on September 17, 2014


And I can hardly wait
To see those lights again
A part of me remains
I’m forever changed
You’re always almost there
It’s a love and hate affair
I believe them when they say
You never leave LA

You Never Leave L.A., by Teitur

It doesn’t matter what you call it, L.A. is many things to many people. Whatever you’re looking for in L.A., you’ll find it on Findery. There are notes documenting everything from the Hollywood Sign, to Bela Lugosi’s (aka Dracula) gravesite, to Santa Monica. Thanks to these notemaps, believe me when I say, you never have to leave L.A

Here are three of my favorite notemaps documenting everything from the boulevard to the beaches of Malibu and all of the vibrant cultures that call Southern California, home.

Yes, L.A. is glamorous. Yes, it’s full of celebrities (and their egos, keepers and publicists). But L.A. is also funky, off beat, proudly weird and full of independent creative types. If that sounds like your jam, check out @StayCuriouscollection of notes documenting the, uh, more colorful side of Lost Angeles.

If you want a full dose of L.A. quirk, forget Madame Tussauds and go visit Culver City’s Museum of Jurassic Technology instead. Chotskies on Hollywood Boulevard? No way. Buy local! Go get a mustache comb made by Nick Offerman, the actor who plays Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation.

Forget having your people call, well anyone (especially Chicken Boy)—get the scoop and get lost in L.A. with this notemap!

Do you like tacos? I mean really like tacos? Well, Steve Akers (@7-how-7) has the perfect notemap for you. From NorCal to SoCal, from Dallas and beyond, Steve has curated a delicious Notemap of taco joints. Fancy tacos, hole in the wall tacos and locals only know about this place tacos.

Go find a taco joint on his notemap, order an ice cold Corona, grab some limes and lots of salsa verde and enjoy!

If Hollywood glamour and industry insider scoop is your thing, be sure to check out the Vintage LA notemap curated by @yesterday.

On this notemap you can be a fly on the wall when Marilyn Monroe met Ella Fitzgerald at the legendary Mocambo Nightclub, learn how they built the L.A. Coliseum–home of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games–and learn the industry stories and stars that were discovered at Schwab’s Drug Store.

Derek E. Baird is a fourth generation Southern Californian, green thumb and eater of cookies who currently lives in Palo Alto via Laguna Beach with stops in Salt Lake, Kansas City, West L.A., OKC, Stuttgart & the wonderland known as Cleveland.

Follow him on Findery: @derekeb

Photo: Los Angeles from Hollywood Bowl Overlook, by Sam Gao

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