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3 Great Notemaps: The Discovery of Magic

by on September 9, 2014

Photo: Pizza Antica, by Jessica Rosenberg

The magic of traveling lies in the discovery of new things. The magic of Findery lies in the same place. I’m still a relatively new user here, still kicking the tires, still clicking right and left and seeing where it takes me. Lucky for me, I keep finding magic. The following notemaps were discovered just by clicking on the suggested notemaps at the bottom of other notemaps. It’s definitely not the only way to stumble upon great content on, but it sure is a great way to discover little nuggets of pure joy. I hope they bring a smile to your face too.

Sidewalk Typos – I love, love, love coming across typos and mistakes when I’m out and about in the world. I think it springs from the fact that I was a terrible speller as a child, and to be honest, still am when spell-check isn’t helping me out. When I notice someone else’s misspellings it makes me feel a bit better about my own short comings. When those mistakes are immortalized in cement, well, that just makes my day. Apparently, San Francisco is rife with examples. Thanks @joemud.

Factory Visits – Ever since she could talk my 7-year-old has shared my fascination with how things are made. Whenever we travel we try to stop and visit factories along our route. This notemap by @Made highlights more than a few that are well worth the stop!

Yum! – Food is that one thing that has to be experienced through all the senses to be really appreciated. But sometimes just taking a visual tour of tasty finds is worth the trip. This notemap by @jessicaj is an eclectic roundup of all sorts of things that will make you go Yum! and then might make you go out and find a Yum! of your own.


Jessica Rosenberg is a “writer mama who loves to head out to explore the world with my two kids and the puppy at my side. Always on the hunt for a great story and a neat find.” Follow her on Findery: @kikarose

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