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Questheart – A new project on Findery

by on August 14, 2014


Here at Findery, we love it when people use the platform for their projects. Photographer Robert Dawson used it for his public library project. Artist Femi Martin left notes about the places where her relationships ended. Now, a lovely new member is inviting us to participate in a tiny monuments project. Think of it as marking places where you feel inspired. We’ll let @Questheart do the explaining.

A game to push tectonic plates of love, life, and communication apart and create new landscapes of empowerment and mirth.

How do you play? Make a tiny monument to experience, a pattern break, a love note, a dreamscape drop, and post it on Findery, tag #questheart. Every note is a point. Every point adds 32 minutes to your life (this is an irrefutable fact).

Wanna play?

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