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Three Great Notemaps

by on July 22, 2014


Nicollette Lui is a back-end engineer at Findery. Three Great Notemaps is a blog series, in which each Findery team member chooses their favorite notemaps – that’s our word for a collection of notes!

When I’m not traveling, I like to daydream about traveling. I love the feeling of being somewhere new, with so much to explore. It’s invigorating. But traveling doesn’t have to mean taking a five hour plane ride. That feeling of being somewhere ‘new’ can happen in your very own city! All you need is open eyes and a curious mind. Findery is great for discovering interesting tidbits about places and for marveling at your next destination (I confess, I do both). Here are three of my favorite notemaps:

Iceland Trip 2013 by @firda. Gaze at the beauty of Iceland and read about firda’s experience! A friend and I want to visit Iceland soon and this notemap has lots of great ideas for our trip.

Trees of San Francisco by @tree. Discover the different tree species growing in San Francisco (photos, locations and descriptions included). Tree has a wonderful series of notemaps cataloging trees in different cities.

Pink Lakes by @jessajames. PINK Lakes, what?! I know, I know, it sounds bizarre. But they exist! Look at the different shades of pink and read how these lakes came to be.

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