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Three Great Notemaps

by on June 19, 2014

Image: dear basha, by @oonie.

Jed Lau is VP of Engineering at Findery. Three Great Notemaps is a blog series, in which each Findery team member chooses their favorite notemaps – that’s our word for a collection of notes!

Really cool Findery notes are all over the map (literally), so Findery notemaps bring them together for me, packaged in nice, neat collections. Here are three notemaps that I follow:

Dear Basha
Hands down, this is my favorite notemap on Findery. It is a cross-country road trip, filled with photos and anecdotes. But more than that, it is an aunt (@oona) writing to her niece, telling her how much she loves her.

Findery Field Trip
@derekeb is a friend I met through Findery, and his notemap of interesting places around the world makes me want to not touch a computer for a few weeks and travel.

Film/TV Locations
@keandrews is another Findery friend (although sometimes, I think she likes to mess with me… see this note). I’ve always loved behind-the-scenes footage and stories, and @keandrews’ notemap of film and TV locations is very thorough.

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