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Three Great Notemaps

by on June 10, 2014

Image: Finn thinks we met here, by @ItsJess

Mike Fowler is a front-end engineer at Findery. Three Great Notemaps is a blog series, in which each Findery team member chooses their favorite notemaps – that’s our word for a collection of notes!

It’s said that smell, of all the human senses, creates the strongest ties to memories. You pass a stranger on the street and the smell of her perfume viciously and immediately calls to mind your Nana leaning in to deliver your carefully prepared grilled cheese. Heavy drops of rain start to fall and the smell of petrichor reminds you of playing in the driveway of your childhood home. For me, place functions the same. Say the name of the town I grew up in and I think not of the characteristics of the town itself, but of the memories I have there. Ask me what I ate on the day I first fell in love and I couldn’t tell you, but I could point to a map and show you where. I treasure Findery for the personal connections we all have to places.

Finn & Jess (and the accompanying Jess & Finn)
@ItsJess and @FinnM’s memories of meeting each other.

That Old Tree
@Steffe’s ongoing documentation of a single tree and his visits to it.

Childhood Memory Map
@donald’s recollections of early memories.

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