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Three Great Notemaps

by on June 5, 2014


Donald Tetto is a front-end engineer at Findery. Three Great Notemaps is a blog series, in which each Findery team member chooses their favorite notemaps – that’s our word for a collection of notes!

One of the most obvious pleasures of Findery is its potential for travel—both in the actual and armchair sense. But the stories on Findery, and the power of place, aren’t just about natural splendor, hidden restaurants, and local history. Here are three notemaps that make me notice the little things:

Urban Sketchers by Maddie: Photos of sketches, and stories of people sketching, all over the world.
Sidewalk Typos by Joe Mud: Look down in San Francisco! Intersections are conveniently stamped with the name of the street you’re crossing, but the installation doesn’t always go off without a hitch.
Crazy Road Crossing Signs of the World by ECWC: From panthers to warthogs to…yetis and unicorns? A catalogue of familiar and unfamiliar signs reminding you what to look out for.

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