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Three Great Notemaps

by on May 29, 2014

Image: Steve Martin’s first job at Disneyland. Via Disney and More.

Jessica Reid is on the Content, Community & Marketing team at Findery. Three Great Notemaps is a blog series, in which each Findery team member chooses their favorite notemaps – that’s our word for a collection of notes!

Are you following any notemaps on Findery? After finding someone’s wonderful collection, it’s great to get updates when a new note is added. Here are a few of my favorites right now:

Fly-fishing. This notemap by @lesliewong brings back memories. I took a fly-fishing class during my gap year after college in Breckenridge, Colorado. Being new to tying knots, the instructor had us practice with yarn on big rings. I became so good at knot tying that I served as the “knot-caddy” when I went fly-fishing with my friends. I never quite got the casting rhythm down, but afternoons spent on Beaver Creek will always stay with me.

Disneyland. I owe the kids a trip to Disneyland. To psych myself up for the trip, I started learning about Disneyland’s history and inside secrets through @derekeb’s Disneyland Notemap. I can’t wait to visit “The Happiest Place on Earth”!

Sunsets Sunrises and Moons. Adding notes to my own notemap, Sunsets Sunrises and Moons, is peaceful. Remember when “awesome” used to mean “something that fills you with awe”? Every day at sunup and sundown, a little beauty, a little magic, and a lot of awe.

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