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How to Create a Notemap on the Web

by on May 12, 2014


There are several ways to start a new notemap. Perhaps you see a note in the activity feed and feel inspired. “Baby elephants?!” you say to yourself. “I love baby elephants. Now I want to create a collection of cute baby animal notes. A notemap!”

As for myself, I am longing for a Miami beach vacation. Thus, I searched for “Miami, FL”, and Findery whisked me away (as done on, though the process in the iPhone app is similar). With a little zooming and a clicking of the “More notes” button at the bottom of map view, I found the note below.


“This is exactly how I want to start my Miami experience,” I said to myself. “On the beach, staring at the clear blue water. I clicked “+ Add to Notemap” et voila! A popup will appear asking you to create a title and description. I named my new notemap, Miami Here I Come! and added a description. It was that easy. I then surfed around Findery, found more notes I wanted to add, and repeated the process.


You can also create a new notemap when you are writing a note yourself. Just click the “Add to Notemap” button on the lower left of the Leave a Note page, and create a title and description.

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