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Notemaps are the new Sets

by on February 13, 2014
Goatmap curated by hechanova

We recently launched a new feature, called Notemaps. With notemaps anyone can gather select notes into a collection – both your notes and other member’s notes.

Whether you’re planning a trip, recalling moments from days gone by, documenting crazy road crossing signs of the world, or goats around the world, creating a notemap will serve you well.

Add to NotemapJust go to a note and click on “Add to Notemap.” Wash, rinse and repeat. If curation’s your thing, you’re going to love this feature as much as we do.

Where’s your happy place?

We’ve started a “Happiness is Here” notemap filled with memories, design, solitude, history and love. We would love to add your happy place to this notemap. If you want to share some happiness with the world, contribute a note! Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Think of a place you associate with a happy memory.
  2. Leave a note
  3. Tag it “happyhere” to help us find it!

We look forward to finding your notes!


Photos from: keandrews, gregapan, ericj, dawehome, keandrews, and flooklh.
Notes from: chaddickerson, designsponge, and sfgirlbybay.

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