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Maggie will be speaking at the Elasticsearch Meetup tomorrow night!

by on January 20, 2014

Maggie Nelson is an engineer on the Findery team, and she architected Findery’s search features, including unexpected and “expansive” definitions of search, such as how to determine what best to show in geographic contexts. She’ll be speaking at tomorrow night’s Elasticsearch meetup. Here’s bit from the Meetup description of her talk:

Maggie Nelson of Findery will talk about how Elasticsearch is used at Findery to help surface notable and relevant information about the world. She will talk about how Elasticsearch’s geo and boosting features help members find hidden and not-so-hidden stories nearby, and how Elasticsearch can be easily set up to find jewels in what might seem like overwhelming amount of data.

She’ll be presenting Findery as a case study of interesting uses of Elasticsearch, and demonstrating how flexible a tool Elasticsearch can be. Maggie tells me that this is a great meetup, well organized and a great opportunity for learning. Join!

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