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Tap tap tap….. Housekeeping!

by on November 22, 2013

Happy Friday! Just a few bits and pieces from around the Findery-verse:

• New Welcome Pages

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 11.50.06 AM

You may not have noticed, but we implemented a new series of welcome pages.

• Simplified Privacy
We’ve retired the complexity of Lists for a more straightforward way to leave private notes for other members.

To leave a private note for another Findery member, tap on “Findable by”, select “Recipient” and start typing the username of the member you’d like to leave the private note for.


Private NotesIf you had left or received notes via a List, those notes have been migrated to a new Private Note area that’s available via your profile page. You’ll be able to view and delete a note sent or received via a List, but you won’t be able to change the recipients.

• Shuttering the Forums
Member forums were something that were a must have for any site a few years ago. The web has grown up and as there are so many ways to make contact these days, we’ve decided to shutter our Forums. (Yes, we have Forums!) This doesn’t mean that we’re not available and we don’t want to hear from you. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We’re always happy to hear from you via We’ll be winding down the forums on December 2nd.

• Schwag
findery-buttonWe have lovely new buttons and stickers coming. If you send us a postcard with your name and address, we’ll send you some!

292 Ivy Street
Unit B
San Francisco CA 94117

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