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Daily Challenge: Typewriter

by on October 25, 2013


In days of yore, with a firm and even pressure, we pecked [ding, return]
our missives out on typerwriters. If you’re not familiar with[ding, return]
these metal monsters, they came with names like IBM Selectric, [ding, return]
Olivetti and Underwood. Was a typewriter ever your friend [ding, return]
or foe. [return, return]

Today’s challenge based on the Lettera 32, is the second [ding, return]
in a series that feature objects shared on Findery by the [ding, return]
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Your notes [ding, return]
and stories will enrich the Cooper-Hewitt’s extensive collection. [return, return]

Please Leave a Note and tag it with “dc-typewriter”. [return, return]

See today’s contributions here: [return] [return, return]

Photo: Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

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