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Findery iPhone App in Australian iTunes Store

by on October 24, 2013

Findery iPhone AppFindery’s iPhone app is now available in Australia and isn’t your average location-based service. Open the app and you will find notes covering personal stories, memories, histories and little known facts – a colorful compendium of the places around you. We’ve heard that Australians are big fans of adventure and travel – it’s the perfect place for Findery to launch!

But you’re not in Australia? The app will be available in more markets and on more operating systems in the months ahead. For now, you can continue to leave notes via the website or mobile web. Notes on the website will also be seen on the mobile app!

We’d like to thank the following members for their invaluable help testing the app: 7-how-7, BurritoJustice, CarrieMcGann, derekeb, garrettc, jcator, Jyri, keandrews, maddie, rlwjones, and stephaniehobson.

A second round of testing will begin in the coming weeks and we’re looking for a few hardy souls who’ve migrated to iOS 7. If you’re game, please send an email to with your Findery username.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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