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10 Things You Didn’t Know About D.C.

by on September 24, 2013


Washington, D.C. If you’ve ever been there, you sense the power everywhere. Sleek black town cars carry besuited politicians from place to place. Secret Service agents, wearing sunglasses and earpieces, stand on guard at building entrances. Many of us visit for the cherry blossoms and the monuments, but look closely and you’ll make some surprising discoveries.

1. Street art. Did you know that the city has a thriving street art scene? The DC Mural Project, a joint effort between multiple organizations, invites artists to come illustrate building walls that are regularly tagged with graffiti.

2. The Exorcist. And speaking of scenes, do you recall when Father Karras is thrown down the steps in The Exorcist? That was shot in the capital of the United States of America. Because of the film everyone now refers to these old stairs as the Exorcist steps.

3. Chili. Move over Texas! For chili lovers, DC has got the place for you. It’s called Ben’s and it’s been a beloved spot here since 1910.

4. Secret fountain. Need to step away from the crowds? One Findery member discovered this reclusive area on Capitol Hill.

5. The haunted White House. Among the lesser told stories about the White House, are tales of its resident ghosts. Shhhh…be quiet and you may sense the presence of Abraham Lincoln.


6. Punk. Not far from the white of the White House, there is an established, hard core music scene. The 9:30 Club, a concert venue that opened in 1980, has hosted a multitude of progressive groups, from the Psychedelic Furs to The Ramones to Minor Threat.

7. Tiny houses. A far cry from the prominent usage of white marble in this city, a few people have sparked a tiny house movement here. Just enough room to live–a refreshing notion!


8. The last public telephone. Actually, the phone booth no longer exists, but a small foundation of concrete stands here in quiet commemoration of a past era. (We’ll soon be telling our kids about telephones that were wired to a wall! Maybe we already are…) So stop on by and “make a call.”

9. The highest point. Ever wondered where the highest point of elevation is in DC? I haven’t either, but finding this note made me care. It’s only 409 feet above sea level!

10. The view. The buildings in DC can be no taller than the tip of the Capitol Building. This apparently makes for an impressive view when on a rooftop. Make your reservation at a rooftop restaurant before it’s too cold!

Is your perception of DC different now? And if you thought DC might be the snobbiest city in the U.S., think again. It ranks at number 9. (The snobbiest is reserved for, ahem, Findery’s hometown…San Francisco.)

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