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Talk Like a Pirate in These Ten Pirate-Themed Bars

by on September 19, 2013

Nothin’ excites a pirate more than t’ sight o’ a bar in some port town, after months scallywaggin’ at sea. In honor o’ Talk Like a Pirate Day, these pirate bars in cities across t’ United States will certainly tickle your fancy. Salts and landlubbers welcome! Splice the mainbrace, me hearties. In other words–Pull up a seat and have a drink, Friends.


Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar – Once owned by an actual pirate, this tavern is one of the oldest surviving structures in New Orleans. Jean Lafitte, born sometime in the 1770s, centered his smuggling operations out of this building. He was known both as a hero and a scalawag, supposedly getting into a brawl with Andrew Jackson just up the street from here.


Dive Bar – The myth of the mermaid comes to life at this trendy bar in downtown Sacramento. A giant aquarium hosts the occasional mermaid, and even a merman–oh my! But, the strange fascination with these half-fish, half-human creatures doesn’t stop here. An attraction in Florida puts the spotlight on The Little Mermaid in an underwater show.


The Black Raven – While the emphasis of this pirate ship is a show for kids, the ship’s holdings features a fully stocked bar. And it’s all the more perfect that this ship docks in the oldest city in the U.S. Pirate-themed booze cruise, ahoy!


Captain Jack’s Beach Bar – In terms of seaside bars, it doesn’t get much better than this. It may be in the small Texan city of Galveston, but sitting in an open-air cabana with the Gulf of Mexico in view, chomping on some greasy bar food, with a very Pirates of the Caribbean-esque mannikin dangling over your head is as relaxing as it gets.


Benbow Room – Now this Seattle bar has ambiance built into its bones–the main room is the interior of a ship! And if you look down, you’ll see fish swimming beneath your feet. Blimey! Complete your experience by ordering a rum cocktail–the Voodoo Lady or Booty Juice are their signatures. Let’s go!


The Pirate Republic – This spacious waterfront bar and restaurant is a favorite among Ft. Lauderdale tourists and locals alike–just pull your jollyboat up, walk right in, and order some grub. Besides the thematic decor, you better expect that your server may sass you with some pirate-like talk. But if you feel like these pirates be takin’ it too far, just remind them of the fate of Captain Kidd!


Piratz Tavern – Amidst the suburban sprawl of Silver Spring, Maryland stands this quirky establishment. Almost every weekend there is live pirate-themed entertainment: a comedy skit called “Pirates for Sail” and a performance by a bellydancer are to be expected in the lineup, making it a truly jolly atmosphere at Piratz.


Wicked Willy’s – Where do you go when you’re in New York City, have a hankering for karaoke, a strong drink, and cheesy, cheap pirate decor? Why, Wicked Willy’s, of course! (Be ye warned, the crowds be noisy with lots o’ lassies and lads. And there’s a beer pong table, if that means anything to ye.)


The Redwood Bar & Grill – Downtown Los Angeles is rife with themed watering holes, and this bar is a standout among them. Salvaged bits of boats make up the interior at The Redwood, which lends an air of nautical authenticity. A fine place for a grog and grub, you can count on live shows in this rock and roll type of atmosphere.


Smuggler’s Cove – The exterior of this bar makes it more impressive once inside. Why? Because you’re in foggy, windy San Francisco, and it’s cozy in here. But mainly because it’s in an unmarked, industrial-looking building. Want a tip? Here’s one. Smuggler’s Cove is a true gem of piratical ambiance, mateys.

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