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Friday the 13th: Fingers Crossed

by on September 12, 2013

Dear Friends and Mortals,

Crucifixion, torture, superstition, oh my! I’ve been counting down the days, and it’s almost upon us, a day second only to All Hallow’s Eve: Friday the 13th, a holiday of my particular delight. That’s right, a holiday. You living people don’t have the day off from work, but you should. You should stay at home, lock the door and abstain from all activity–sit in your recliner and sleep. Sit in your recliner and watch the news. Watch the statistics as the number of traffic accidents increase and the NASDAQ drops. I’m telling you, this is a date steeped rich in the most powerful history. Let me show you why:


SKIP RULE 13 – Our journey back in time begins with the Babylonians, believe it or not. In the 18th century BCE, they were exercising a very real fear of the number 13. The Code of Hammurabi covertly addresses this superstition, as you can see.


13 MAKES THE AFTERLIFE – The ancient Egyptians were a people seemingly obsessed with death. But consider this: they were preparing dead bodies for the afterlife, so in fact, it was life they celebrated. And the life here on Earth involved 12 stages, with 13 being the afterlife. To them the number was auspicious! The mummy of Lady Rai certainly looks good for her age!


JESUS DIED ON A FRIDAY – It’s kind of hard to believe that, 2,000 years later, we can still trace the death of the Messiah to the day of the week on which it occurred, but that’s beside the point. The belief is where the power is, and boy is there a lot of power in this one. Ever wondered where the crucifixion took place? Some think here.


LOKI CRASHED THE PARTY – And now for a little Norse mythology. Have you seen the movie Thor? Remember Loki? He’s the very same trickster that was got his panties in a twist for not being invited to a banquet of the gods. Find out what happened.


THE TORTURE OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR – As the title of this note implies, things did not go well for Europe’s Christian military during the Middle Ages. What’s that got to do with Friday and the number 13? Check it.


H.M.S. FRIDAY – Never begin a voyage on a Friday! European sailors have long held this close to their hearts, and any time the Royal Navy tried to push the issue, they came up against the most stubborn resistance. And when they piled all of the superstitions on one actual ship, disaster!


WALL STREET AND FRIDAY THE 13TH – In the age of science, you’d think that superstition would be a cute, little idea, but not so. The stock market traditionally slows down on this date, and one guy wrote a book that cemented the idea that Friday the 13th is the unluckiest of days forever more.

And that completes our historical tour Friday the 13th via my seven Findery notes, ladies and gentlemen–treat bad luck with good luck, lucky number seven! (Fingers crossed, for extra measure.)

Yours truly,
Madame Spooky

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