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One Search Box!

by on August 30, 2013

We have just improved our search, by putting all searches into a single box. Here are the changes we have made:

* Beautiful new consolidated input box for searching and map-moving!
* All searches are now more constrained. A search for “golden gate”, will only match content that contains both of those terms. (Previously search returned results if either of the terms matched.)
* User results will now show exact username matches first. Just search for ‘maggie’!
* Search results are now paginated – dig deep!
* All tab is gone – the default search is notes!
* New search result: Sets!
* Note search results now show tags
* Note search results are now smarter about showing the location of the note
* Search results are personalized. E.g. if you searched for users, we now show “Follow this user” button, which is depressed if you already follow someone.
* Member-specific searches! If you’re on someone’s profile page, you can search for content from that member only!
* A pile of bug fixes, speed improvements, and general polish!

This is what it looks like:

Search Box

One Love, One Search. Let’s make our searches easier and feeel allll riiiiight.

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