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Stones Walking on Water

by on August 26, 2013


Skipping stones is one of those idle pastimes that you could imagine even a cave man doing: grunt, raises eyebrows, picks up stone from ground, throws stone across water, grunt. Though, as basic as it is, some of us just can’t seem to master the art. Inspired by the discovery of a Findery note on a good beach for stone skimming (“skipping” in the U.S., “skimming” in the U.K.), I began to wonder about it–the history, how to, and the world record. I came up null on the history, but found the Guinness Book of World Records holder–Russ Byars skipped a stone 51 times in 2006. And there’s even two annual stone skipping championships: one in Scotland and another on Lake Michigan.

While I’m more the type to have a drink on the rocks rather than throw a rock, show me the good places for stone skipping (or skimming!) and I’ll give it a go. No glass houses here, leave a note.

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