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Newsletter: How to Beat the Monday Blues

by on August 23, 2013

Ugh, Monday. We know the feeling. Luckily, an antidote is close at hand. Take a deep breath, grab your coffee, and let your 15 minutes of internet indulgence begin.

Treat yourself with – the discovery of a 100-year-old bottle of Kirsch, the time Marilyn Monroe met Ella Fitzgerald, directions for balancing fruit on fountains, old aunts who shoplift, a skateboard graveyard, a gopher hole museum – are you feeling better yet?

And if you like history – skydiving, artificial intelligence and ice cream, that is – may we prescribe a set for your daily dosage? Keep your perspective, follow This Day in History.

We hope you have a better Monday.

Caterina & Heather & Maggie & Donald & Jed & Jessica & Mike & John & Ian & Laurel & Amanda

Photos: Serge K. Keller and Wikispaces.

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