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The trees that orbited the moon

by on August 21, 2013


While traveling 27,086 miles through space and drinking gallons of Tang – of which Buzz Aldrin recently said, and I quote: “Tang sucks!” – the 1971 Apollo 14 crew brought along a surprising cargo item.

They had hundreds of tree seeds – Sycamore, Loblolly Pine, Redwood and Douglas Fir, brought by Stuart Roosa, former U.S. Forest Service smoke jumper. They were brought back from space, and a Loblolly Pine was planted at the White House, and some seeds presented as a gift to the Emperor of Japan.

In honor of yesterday’s blue moon and the beginning of a new NASA astronaut class, our outer space theme continues! A few of these trees are already listed on Findery, but we’d like to cover them all. Will you help us?

Holliston moon tree, pictured above, by garrettc.

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