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Introducing Findery University!

by on August 9, 2013

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Findery is a useful tool for students, educators and life-long learners. Inspired by @silver‘s Urban Agriculture projects, Findery’s sketchers and other educators, we created five initial lesson plans: Urban Sketching, Local Food, Hometown Project, American Civil War, and Inspired Setting. You can find them at and Scribd.

Derek Baird introduced the possibilities of Findery University, a.k.a. finderyU, on his blog Barking Robot:

Even if you’re not currently enrolled in college, Findery is a powerful informal learning platform where you can tap into the collective knowledge hidden in Findery Notes and learn (or share!) more about Australia, space travel, candy, San Francisco architecture or anything else that matters to you!

Findery is a great way to create a multimedia project for just about any class. Demonstrate your learning by <adding notes infused with video, images and text along the paths of your explorations. Ask your classmates to contribute their reflections, narrative feedback and resources on your Findery project through the comments.

Be sure to follow @Campus on Findery to discover and contribute notes about student life and campus history. Your notes could capture memories with your friends or pay it forward by joining the Findery Campus Challenge and leaving tips for your current and future classmates!

Feel free to be creative. We look forward to seeing how you use finderyU.

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