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The Inside Out Project

by on August 1, 2013


Findery genius John Fox was riding his bike to work this morning, when he happened upon a truck and a team of volunteers pasting portraits of people to a wall. He instantly recognized it as the Inside Out Project. Once at the Findery headquarters, he told us about it and Maddie and I quickly hopped on the 49. Upon arriving, a lovely volunteer named Annelise asked us if we’d like to participate. We shrugged our shoulders, signed the release form and entered the photo booth.

The line of people holding their giant portraits was long and we weren’t sure we’d actually make it up on the wall. While watching, I struck up a conversation with Annelise. She told me more about the project. Artist JR won a TED Prize to create the Inside Out Project, and this particular iteration is called Inside Out/11M. The objective is to create a nationwide portrait of immigrants and descendants of immigrants across America. Just as she finished, the two volunteers doing the posting lifted up the portrait of Maddie. There was one spot left on the entire wall…up went mine.

See more notes about the Inside Out Project Wall.


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