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We can’t get our fill of Philly.

by on July 30, 2013


We can’t get our fill of Philly. Let Findery help you step back in time and see the real Philadelphia! Did you know that Al Capone had some posh digs at the Eastern State Penitentiary? Send your love letters from the first post office in the United States. Take a stroll by the original American Bandstand studio, then down to the Delaware River where the SS United States is rusting away. And what’s a visit to Philly without a stop at the Rocky steps?

But, there’s more to be found–enter “Philadelphia” in Findery’s location field and peruse the notes yourself. Do you know a history that’s missing?

Photo: ChangesinLongitude
Featuring notes by: ChangesinLongitude, CaliforniaWilliam, ChiefCurator, MixTape

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