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Newsletter: New Home Page & Best Of

by on July 11, 2013

Our New Home Page Design

Following on the heels of our logged out home page, we've improved your logged in experience with full notes in the activity feed. We’ve enlarged each of the sections — You, Following, and Recent — so you can see additional context. Read Caterina's post on the Findery blog for more on our new home page design.

Best of Daily Challenge

Thanks to everyone who has been participating in our Daily Challenges. We wanted to share some of the remarkable notes that you've left: Maddie's The Penny Tree (left), dilettante's Derecho, PhotosofthePast's 1970, Welwyn Track (top right), 7-how-7's Satan's Tree Fort, and keandrews's A Roof of Stars (bottom right). While we publish a new challenge every day, it's never too late to participate. You can see an archive of all the challenges here.

Members to Follow

Michael Milne   Oonie   Andrew Filer

We always look forward to finding notes from ChangesInLongitude, Oonie, and afiler. You can find more members to follow in our Directory.

And we look forward to finding your notes too!

Caterina & Heather & Maggie & Donald & Jed &
Jessica & Mike & John & Ian & Laurel & Amanda

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