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“Findery was the best road trip tool!”

by on May 23, 2013
Donald and Em found a car that needed to be delivered across the country.

The start of the road trip! Outside of Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. Donald and Em found a car that needed to be delivered across the country.

Donald just got back from 19 days on the road, which he is chronicling in his set “If You Wander Far Enough”. He’s now landed at Findery East and I asked him about using Findery on the road, and this is what he said:

“Findery was the best road trip tool! As we were driving, whenever we were curious about what we were seeing around us we would be able to look up what it was.

For example, we passed through a small town right outside of the Mojave Desert, St. George, Utah, and there was a beautiful building in the distance, but we were just speeding through on the freeway. And Em, who was driving said “what’s that over there?” I looked it up on Findery, and there were a small handful of notes in St. George, and one of them was the note about the Mormon Temple. There were also a lot of dinosaur tracks in St. George.

By looking ahead, we were also able to find places to go. For example when we were in Key West we found a note by a local about a good place to go swimming, so we headed there. We went to Coral Castle — a roadside attraction — based on a note left by OnTheRoad.

Another great thing about Findery was that since it’s a social site, you want to “pay it forward” since people helped us out. We were driving around for two hours looking for a good campsite in Utah, and once we found it, it was so beautiful, we wanted to let everyone know, “This is the spot!”.

Donald at a rest stop in Monument Valley

Donald at a rest stop in Monument Valley

He also mentioned that it was wonderful when he’d arrive in a small town, and someone local had posted a welcome note, like this one in Waveland, Mississippi.

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