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by on November 1, 2012

I was quite struck with Findery member GNdeveloper’s note about his “Dayoff” — traveling somewhere alone, without telling anyone where he is going and being somewhere else for a change. He is from Bologna.

“Sometimes everyone needs to escape from the routine: all days the same work, same faces, same discussions… I’ve started some years ago, thanks to an important person, to take what I called recently my “dayoff”, ie one day where, without inform no one I go to the trains station, I take the first train available and I travel to near cities. It’s not very important where I go or how many hours I must travel, the only thing I want is to stay in a place no one knows, and here spend my day visiting unknown places, or reading a book in never seen gardens, or take a long breakfast in small coffe shop and so on.”

From → Notes of note

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