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Inspirations for Findery: One of Many

by on October 9, 2012

There were so many inspirations for Findery. The world is an endless source of wonder, and conveying that wonder online has been one of my most enduring efforts. So I’m going to write a series of blog posts about these inspirations, in the hope that they reveal some of the thinking that went into Findery, and jog your own thinking about places and their importance in your life.

Here’s one: a quote from Kathleen Dean Moore, a philosopher from Oregon I recently discovered. This interview is from 2001, almost 11 years ago, and in that time the world has changed so much. She says:

Have you ever walked a trail you walked before, or returned to the front porch of the house where you grew up? Didn’t those places speak to you of times long past, summoning memories that you hadn’t thought of for years? “Here is where we stopped to check the map and realized we had missed the turn. You had on a knitted cap that was too small and pressed worry wrinkles into your forehead.” Or “Here is where we walked the night before you left for Chicago. The place makes me sad all over again.” Memories do live in places, and if you go there, you can find them. Sometimes, if your memory is as unreliable as mine, you can find them only if you go there.

This sense was driven home to me last week as I walked through Phoenix Airport on my way back to California, and a sadness came over me, exactly as Moore describes. It had been 15 years since I last walked there, and I hadn’t thought of those events in the intervening years, but there it was again, a memory that came back, because of my returning to the place where it happened.

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