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World Wow


April 22 is Earth Day and Findery is celebrating! It's one of our favorite annual events. The world…place…get it? We have an ambitious goal of creating the most beautiful notemap on Earth! We're searching Findery for awe-inspiring places of natural beauty around the world, near and far.

Have one to add? Tag your note "WorldWow" so we don't miss it. It doesn't have to be a mountain or a rainbow, although we love those too. The wow factor might just be in your own neighborhood. Grab your phones, take a photo, share your "WorldWow".


Photobooth Fun at Findery Foolery


You see them at weddings, corporate events, and parties and they never get old. Photobooths, that is. And the photobooth at Findery’s iPhone app launch party was killer! Since the event was held on April Fool’s Day, there was a theme. Did we fool ya?





Thank you SmugMug! You can find all of the photos from the Findery Foolery photobooth here.

Oh what a night!


Last night we celebrated our Findery iPhone app launch. When we were in the planning mode, our event partner, The Bold Italic, gave us a choice of venues. When we saw photos of The Regency Lodge, we knew it was for us. The room, with its wood beam ceiling, stained glass windows, red carpet, built-in pipe organ, and stage with 31 hand-painted backdrops, felt like a portal to another time. Not to mention, the elevator requires an elevator man to operate it – the last elevator man in all of San Francisco. So Findery!


Once the guests started arriving (and there was a line prior to the start time!) they were treated to an open bar with special Jack Daniel’s and Old Forrester cocktails, inventive hors d’oeuvres brought to you by Fogcutter, a treat machine dispensing edibles from American Cupcake, sleight of hand magic tricks by Ryan Kane, and off-the-charts karaoke hosted by DJ Purple. We didn’t want the night to end, but we got to take a little bit of it with us, the stunning flowers that is!

Did you know?

Hit return to create the title

1. The first line of a note can be its title
Hit return when you’re finished the title of your note and begin the description.


2. You can edit a note at any time
Tap on the ellipses ( … ) to the left above the title on the note you’d like to edit.
Findery in the iTunes App Store

3. V 2.0.3 is available in the app store
Comment faving is now available in the iPhone app. What better way to spread a little happiness than faving a note or comment? We’ve also fixed a number of bugs. There’s more info in the Release Notes in the App Store.

Findery, the website

4. Notes can be created & edited on the web
You can use the same username and password to leave notes on Findery. In addition to photos, you can add your images, video, and sound clips from Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and Soundcloud. If you’re new to Findery, there’s a FAQ for the website that has all sorts of helpful information.

5. We want to hear from you
Email us at with your feedback about the app. If you’re having issues, we can help. Please include your username.

We look forward to finding your notes!


Findery Foolery — you’re invited!


Come join Team Findery and The Bold Italic as we celebrate the launch of our iPhone app: April 1st, 7 – 10 PM at The Regency Lodge.

Check out The Bold Italic for more information and to RSVP.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for an evening of fun and frivolity.

Featured in App Store!

You work weekends. You design your heart out. You listen to your members. You hope for the best. You launch your product. Then when THIS happens, you jump for joy! — Apple featured us in the app store not only as one of the Best New Apps, but also as an Editor’s Choice pick!

They even wrote a lovely review: 

“By letting users add notes and photos to specific locations on a world map, Findery adds a bit of intrigue and surprise to thousands of places. As people create and share stories and posts across the globe, each area starts to take on its own narrative. And because Findery can tell you when you’re near someone’s note, you’ll always know when you’re close to a special spot.”



There is great joy at Findery HQ!!


It’s here! It’s here!

Download the Findery app for iPhone here.

We look forward to finding your notes.

Findery App now available for iPhone


Download the app now. That is all.

We look forward to finding your notes.


Notemaps are the new Sets

Goatmap curated by hechanova

We recently launched a new feature, called Notemaps. With notemaps anyone can gather select notes into a collection – both your notes and other member’s notes.

Whether you’re planning a trip, recalling moments from days gone by, documenting crazy road crossing signs of the world, or goats around the world, creating a notemap will serve you well.

Add to NotemapJust go to a note and click on “Add to Notemap.” Wash, rinse and repeat. If curation’s your thing, you’re going to love this feature as much as we do.

Where’s your happy place?

We’ve started a “Happiness is Here” notemap filled with memories, design, solitude, history and love. We would love to add your happy place to this notemap. If you want to share some happiness with the world, contribute a note! Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Think of a place you associate with a happy memory.
  2. Leave a note
  3. Tag it “happyhere” to help us find it!

We look forward to finding your notes!


Photos from: keandrews, gregapan, ericj, dawehome, keandrews, and flooklh.
Notes from: chaddickerson, designsponge, and sfgirlbybay.

Maggie will be speaking at the Elasticsearch Meetup tomorrow night!

Maggie Nelson is an engineer on the Findery team, and she architected Findery’s search features, including unexpected and “expansive” definitions of search, such as how to determine what best to show in geographic contexts. She’ll be speaking at tomorrow night’s Elasticsearch meetup. Here’s bit from the Meetup description of her talk:

Maggie Nelson of Findery will talk about how Elasticsearch is used at Findery to help surface notable and relevant information about the world. She will talk about how Elasticsearch’s geo and boosting features help members find hidden and not-so-hidden stories nearby, and how Elasticsearch can be easily set up to find jewels in what might seem like overwhelming amount of data.

She’ll be presenting Findery as a case study of interesting uses of Elasticsearch, and demonstrating how flexible a tool Elasticsearch can be. Maggie tells me that this is a great meetup, well organized and a great opportunity for learning. Join!


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