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Wandering Through June


Balloons over Lithuania


The change in season, be it from spring to summer or fall to winter, has seriously brought out a desire for adventure and travel in the Findery crowd.

Not that it’s a surprise. Findery users are no strangers to wanderlust and are quick to give in to their desire to explore the world, even when they can’t leave home!

So we traveled. We explored Italy, Thailand, Greece, India, Turkey, and more with @275Days, retracing his family’s steps along their year long journey around the world. We went to Vietnam with @hollynyny, Iceland with @TripCreator, and traveled around California with @travelfluential.

Also, this month, we honored our never ending love for donuts (a time honored Findery HQ tradition) on National Donut Day. We discovered that one of our users, @thebicyclingbunny, has an awe inspiring passion for Little Free Libraries in or around Los Angeles, though we’re pretty sure she’d love them wherever she was. And of course we celebrated dads, because they’re awesome, especially the dads of Findery users. Last, but definitely not least, we sang about a momentous Supreme Court Decision with the help of @ChrisMannMusic.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg for June. Hop over to the site and dig in for yourself! You’ll discover astounding beauty. Mouth watering photos. And new Findery users to follow who simply can’t wait to take you along on their adventures.

Help Make Findery Even Better!




At Findery, we’re always working to make the user experience more vibrant and genuine. Our latest development has been to roll out localized versions of Findery in nine languages on iOS and Android. Now our users can find and leave Notes all over the world in their own language!

Now, there are a lot of things we’re great at doing, but sadly we don’t speak all the languages spoken by all of our users. That’s where you come in.

We’re looking for great users like you who speak one or more of the following languages to help us test out our new localized versions.

If you speak:

Chinese (Si.)
Portuguese (Br.)

and might be interested in helping us out, please take a minute to fill out this form. We’ll be in touch shortly to explain how you can help.

Thank you for helping us make Findery even better!

It sure was a glorious May!


St Kitts

With May passing, June approaching, and light and color all around us, everyone’s spirits seem to be lifting. Findery notes featuring ice cream, water play, and beach travel inspiration are enough to instill a desire to go out and see the world even in the staunchest homebody.

It’s been an amazing month on Findery. New users came in droves, sharing discoveries far and wide. We took a spin to Nicaragua, met up with awesome travel bloggers at #TBEX in Spain and even took a close look at some of favored local spots.

Amigo, Kemo Sabe, Sister, Friend — we love exploring the world with you. We share your meals and memories vicariously. We build travel wishlists from notes left by all of you far-flung travelers and even explore artistic representations of our beautiful planet. We have to admit, we simply can’t wait to see more of your world!


Need help getting started curating your own travel dreams? This should help! And, as always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to discover notes and news each day.


Have you heard? We’re taking the Flipboard world by storm! Follow us and never miss another Findery Huffington Post piece or blog post again!

I Want to Go Here: 3 Easy Ways to Make Notemaps


St Kitts

It’s May. Up here in the Northern Hemisphere we can’t think about anything but summer. Cookouts. Warm days that never end. Travel. Travel. Travel. Drinking our drinks out of coconuts. Mosqui…nope, not that. Suntans and the whiff of blossoms on the breeze. Ah, we can’t wait!

From lazy beach days and snorkeling in coral reefs to weekend road trips and wow wow wow exotic getaways…We are ready for glorious, glorious, glorious summer!

If you’re not sure where to go first, let Findery be your guide. We’ll take you to waterfalls in Maui or national parks across the US. Are palm trees calling to you? Costa Rica or Bali…we can make that work too! Plan your next trip, make a notemap.

It’s easy to get started. We’ve already created an “I Want to Go Here” notemap for you! Add notes to it these three ways:

1) Search. Imagine a place you’ve always wanted to visit and search for it on Findery. Add any notes that speak to you to your “I Want To Go Here” notemap. You can also create a new custom notemap for your dream getaway.

2) Browse. When you see a note in your recent activity feed that interests you, add it to your “I Want To Go Here” notemap or any custom notemap, and let your planning begin!

3) Create. Add a photo and write your own notes about places you’ve already been or places you’d like to see! When you’re done writing a note, it’s easy to add it to a notemap.

The most important part of travel planning is the dreaming. Later, pinching yourself when you finally get there. Am I really here? Am I really here?! Go, go, go! Bon Voyage!

We are in Spain for TBEX Europe!


We are excited to announce that we are sponsors of TBEX Europe, the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, and new media content creators in Costa Brava, Spain. What could sound better than enjoying tapas with some of our favorite travel bloggers and sharing Findery with the travel community?

Spanish Lunch

We can’t wait to meet all of this year’s attendees and sponsors and explore Lloret De Mar and the beautiful Evenia Olympic Resort.  If you are attending, be sure to download the Findery app and share your favorite places in Spain and what you love about the TBEX event!

We are especially thrilled to have the opportunity to meet up with the authors of Skimbaco Lifestyle (@Skimbaco), House of Anais (@HouseOfAnais), and Moms Guide to Travel (@TawannaB) and explore Spain with a few of our favorite Findery users.


@JessicaJ with @HouseOfAnais and @Skimbaco

Be sure to follow Findery team member @JessicaJ for highlights of the TBEX event and read more from this year’s keynote, Katja Presnal (aka @Skimbaco on Findery.)

Check out our latest post on Huffington Post Travel, Top 5 Regions to Visit in Spain by @HouseofAnias.

Wondering how travel bloggers can use Findery? Wonder no more! Check out our post on the TBEX site.

If you are attending, let us know on Twitter!  We look forward to meeting you.

Happy Traveling,

Team Findery



We’ve got something NEW to show you!



New Findery Android App!


We’re excited to announce that we have launched Findery 3.0 for Android!  Fully optimized for the best Android experience, the new Findery app is even more beautiful than ever. Please join us and download the latest version and share it with your friends!

What’s New:

+ New look and layout!  Everyone wanted easier navigation and discovery of new notes, and we built it, taking advantage of Android’s new improved interactions and consistency across devices.

+ Persistent Create a Note button! Want to leave a note? You’ll find a persistent Create a Note button throughout the app. Tap the orange Create a Note button and get started.

+ New swiping feature! Our new swiping feature makes it easier to sweep your way across the globe.

Download the latest version from the Google Play store and check out the latest and greatest. And if you’re on the web, or iOS, we’ve got you covered too!

We look forward to finding your notes on Findery!

Watch out for Findery!


Findery is coming soon to a wrist near you. Now available on AppleWatch! If your order is already in, or if you’re borrowing your aunt’s watch–Findery will be there. Apple even honored us by featuring us in their advertising. See that lantern in the middle? We were so proud.


The Apple Watch is made for Findery. As you travel around the world–be it Silicon Valley, Taiwan or Paris, Findery will notify you of when something intriguing or fascinating is near you. What’s your interest: Art & Culture, Architecture, Food & Drink, History, Local Knowledge? It’s waiting for your glance. We’ve always conceived of Findery as personal and mobile, and the Apple Watch is its natural home.

If you’re still waiting for your watch, come find Findery on Flipboard,Huffington Post, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Android –and of course,

Wherever you find us, we look forward to finding your notes!

#FindingSpring – It’s playing hard to get.



Spring might be a little late to the party in our half of the world, but it’s definitely starting to make its presence known! Ah spring, with its bike ridesflowers bloomingpicnics, or even sweet tastes of Easter chocolate.

Spring is all about that wonderful feeling you get when you can finally throw the windows wide open and breathe in deeply. It’s about the promise of warm days to come and long lazy afternoons to enjoy.

Many of you are out and about enjoying spring, either at home or while on Spring Break. We’d love to see what spring looks like to you! Tag any spring inspired notes you make with #FindingSpring and we’ll gather all your notes together in one big cheerful notemap that will help us all kick off the season properly!

(And to our friends on he other side of the world, you know we always love your notes… regardless of the season.)

Bunny Break!



The shearing of Angelica and Apollo, German Angora bunnies, has captured our hearts. Spring has definitely sprung at Findery. Our team is slipping off to New York City, Maui, Las Vegas, Mexico, Pescadero, Beijing and Guam!

Are you packing your bags for a spring break vacation? Exploring a new part of the world? Or, simply enjoying a change in the weather? Wherever April takes you, take a break and enjoy some of our many rabbit holes:

For more travel stories from around the world, be sure to check out Findery on Flipboard!

iOS: Friends and Surprises Edition!



Check out our latest release for iOS!  We are making it easier for you to get out and explore the world and share the places that mean the most to you.  

What’s New?

+ Snazzy new prompts to inspire you to leave notes about the places you love, discover new destinations, and follow local experts.

+ ‘Surprise Me!’ search feature. For those times when you are just in the mood to explore.  How about beaches in Maui or street art in Chicago?  Bam! You’re there.

+ It’s now easier to find and invite your friends on Findery!

+ We’ve added a new swiping feature.  You can now swipe in the expanded note view, so you can see more of the notes you enjoy, faster.

+ Improved Photo Picker: it’s faster to load, and if you have photos in your library which are stored in iCloud, they will be automatically downloaded as needed.

Download the latest version from the App Store, and check out the latest and greatest. And if you’re on the web, or Android, we’ve got you covered too!

So friends, surprise us with your notes on Findery!


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